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Default Re: Official crowd report for im3

I'm the major mental Marvel nut who goes tonight just to check out the crowds. I get a few friends to watch part of the film and then leave. So, I've seen 33% of Iron Man 3 and I love what I've seen so far!

The crowds were dispersed this time around because both theatres I checked started showing it at 9 PM and showed it every half hour.

Theatre One had one auditorium packed at 9:01 and one large one not even half full at 9:02. I did not check out the 3D showings.

Theatre Two (largest AMC in the Midwest) had a VERY large auditorium half fill for the 10:00 3D showing. When I walked out 40 minutes in, there was already a big line for both the IMAX and regular midnight showing. A very good sign at 11:00 PM!

I've done this before and usually can gage well but the early showings made it hard to gage crowds.

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