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Default Re: Official crowd report for im3

I went to the 9pm 3D/IMAX show tonight, which was sold out. They started letting people in before 8:00. I heard someone in a group that came about 10 minutes before the movie started look at how packed the auditorium say to her friends, "Oh, we are beyond ****ed."

They had a trivia contest before the movie to win posters. One little boy answered a question and got it wrong. The guy in front of him got the right answer, but as soon as they gave him his poster, he turned around and gave it to the little boy. Everyone applauded.

The crowd seemed to love the movie (as did I). Nearly everyone stayed through to the end credits scene, which probably got the biggest laugh.

There was a guy in front of us with the light-up glove and the mask. When we were leaving, I saw him at the front of the line with a group of friends waiting to get into the midnight show.

It was fun. I never get to do the midnight shows anymore, so I'm glad they had 9pm shows this tiume around.

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