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Default Re: Where are the Avengers?

It's easy for me to think why Tony didn't call for help from his "Superhero Boy Band":

His anxiety. The very mention of New York made him fall apart. I highly doubt he would have been up to the task of saving the world with Fury on his back and his "war comrades" fighting side by side with him. This was a battle he needed to overcome on his own.

(By the way, speaking of his anxiety, I just have to mention how great of an actor RDJ is, and how good the script was when dealing with this subject. As someone who still suffers from anxiety from time to time, I thought RDJ's portrayal of it was scarily accurate. It hit close to home, especially during his first anxiety attack. That's why I believe his anxiety would have left him ineffective if the rest of the Avengers and S.H.I.E.L.D. had come to help).

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