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Default Re: 'X-men: DOFP' Official CAST Thread (announcements and discussion) - Part 1

Originally Posted by psylockolussus View Post
Not really. They got to introduce Nightcrawler and Rogue w/o their connection with Mystique in the comics. They just need to come up with a good story/role for Polaris.
just because they didnt adress the Mystique-Kurt issue on X2 doesnt mean she isnt his mother.

It was Kurt first movie, Mystique wouldnt say suddenly: hey, my name is Raven... and....Im your mother.

These issues take time, and shouldnt be rushed on the same movie.

Same with Magneto and their daugther, or children. Magneto in 40 years will have had some type of relathionship with a woman or more, even if it was just sex. To expect Erik never was with a woman is soo fake and unrealistic.

Polaris could be introduced first without adressing their direct connection, but could be revealed with new info on her second movie.

It can be done easily. Some fans dont care about it, but the x-men universe is so rich, not only because there are many mutants and big villains, but because the family connections too.

Since they avoided the Jugg-Charles one and the Rogue-Mystique one too, the other important connections are Kurt and Magneto and at least one of his children.

Fox should think bigger and not so cheap in terms of storytelling and adapting the universe. And even if on this universe they never adress it, I hope they do it on the reboot in 8-10 years, or whenever they do it.

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