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Default Re: The Tommy Merlyn Thread

I think you are probably right (because his name is "Merlyn"). I just hope we're both wrong (because it doesn't seem in-character at all). Despite his bitterness and anger, so far Tommy's actions have all been above-board. He has not shown any indications that he'd willingly become a villain and kill innocent people, IMO - he's very upset with the murdering of criminals. He hasn't even shown low-grade ruthlessness. He doesn't threaten to reveal Oliver's secret to get things (indeed, despite his anger, he has protected said secret several times), he doesn't spin false stories to make Oliver or the Hood look bad to Laurel in order to secure her affections so she'll stay with him (instead he breaks up with her, because he believes she would choose Oliver/belongs with Oliver), and so on and so on. He really isn't even being selfish or self-serving.

Right now, the only way I'd buy Tommy being willing to kill innocent people as the result of the death of his father is some sort of mental-break, leaving him not entirely sane, as a result of his father's death. Because it would be completely inconsistent with his earlier behavior. They might be able to sell me Tommy being willing to target Ollie (and maybe Digg or Felicity, but no one else) at first and then gradually getting worse, if the played it right.

Oliver's smartest move would be to tell Tommy the truth and have him listen to the recording before he makes any move at all against Malcolm.* If he kills Malcolm, or even confronts him, Tommy will find out about it, and Tommy knows his secret identity and where his secret lair is, so if he (very reasonably) thinks the worse and goes to the cops, Oliver is screwed.

* I suppose if Oliver didn't act as the Hood, or leave a green arrow or anything else that led back him around, not telling Tommy would work, but I just can't see that happening.

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