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Default Re: One Piece discussion (Spoilers)

Finally got around to watching Film Z, and I really enjoyed it. I think there were a few parts that they tried to overstylize a bit too much, but the animation was really well done.

The way it tied in to the overall OP story was nice too. I was afraid at first that Z being a former Admiral was going to screw with continuity a bit, and that Luffy beating a former Admiral would make Luffy seem overpowered. However they handled that nicely as well.

Seeing Kuzan/Aokiji, the marine cast that haven't made it in the manga yet, and kid Nami, Chopper, and 18 yr old Robin, was great . Kuzan's scars especially made me want to see what Akainu took away from their fight, or rather, what he didn't come back with, lol. Though I was disappointed that some of them, like Coby, looked exactly the same.

The worst part though was that I was watching it while I had someone over. Just as she was getting out of the bathroom it was at the part where Robin, Nami, Chopper, and Brook were reverting to their normal ages....I just saw her kinda stare at the screen while Robin and Nami were transforming back into their supermodel bodies, think I said something like, "Heh, well....they were temporarily de-aged, and..." (Brook "Kyaaa's as he sticks out his butt in a jokey way as he reverts), "Well, that''s an inside joke". She goes, "Oh", and walks in the other room. Humiliating, lol.

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