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Default Re: Where are the Avengers?

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
Thor is definitely away at this point in the story - that was pretty clear.

SHIELD is strangely silent in this film... I think this is the first movie since Incredible Hulk where Nick Fury or any SHIELD involvment has been missing. This really felt like an isolated Iron Man story which I think was the point. Plus, as harsh as it may sound, SHIELD usually has bigger fish to fry than some maniac running around with exploding henchmen. Cap works for them now, so if they won't get involved, he won't either. Plus, the government seemed to have quite a bit of faith in Iron Patriot. I doubt they'd even be interested in calling Cap in alongside him.

Banner, as others have said, would probably not be much help. He still feels very apprehensive about the Hulk, so he won't want to risk making a mess as the big guy - even if he can "Hulk out" on demand. But in terms of the story, it's pretty hard to justify Banner getting involved anyway..

The Mandarin was known across America as a terrorist who was most likely positioned somewhere in the Middle East (or so people believed). The bombings weren't predicted very well and therefore would be hard to prevent by any of the Avengers, let alone Hulk.

Then, when it was revealed that Mandarin was a ruse and that Killian was the real "Mandarin", crap was already hitting the fan and Tony was in the moment. During that whole oil rig scene with the Extremis soldiers jumping around and fighting Iron Man suits was when Tony knew what he was up against. Calling Banner wouldn't do much more than waste time and leave him vulnerable. It would take a lot of time for him to even get to the rig to help Tony out - assuming that he was off somewhere doing his own thing.

So after all, leaving the other Avengers out just felt right. I hope the trend continues through the rest of these Phase 2 movies.

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