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Default Re: The Ultimate Spider-Man Animated Series Discussion Thread - Part 2

and the never-ending discussion goes on...

THIS piece of s**t replaces the VASTLY superior Spectacular animated AND on top of it gets a THIRD season, while Spectacular gets dumped after TWO seasons?!?...



Extremely offensive, always insulting, completely defiant... an absolutely disrespectful prick.

He can't be managed, he can't be controlled... that's because he's a totally disruptive ass-ole.

He's content to be a good-for-nothing, smart-ass, trouble-making, rule-breaking malcontent.
So don't ever try to penalize him based upon your incorrect or inaccurate assumptions of him.
No one EVER gets the better of the bad guy... and I AM the bad guy and wiseguy of this story.
I don't give a chitt.
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