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Default Re: One Piece discussion (Spoilers)

Originally Posted by Lord View Post
Haha, never watch One Piece when other girls are around,especially the movies, they take those times to do the most fan service. The movies aren't really canon, well, i like to think of Strong World and Film Z as canon due to Oda's involvement but besides the characters of Shiki and Zephyr the plot's not in continuity with the manga so as to not make manga only readers confused.

Coby did change, i hope his streght improved a lot too, i believe Akainu doesn't have as big scars, Aokiji loosing his leg was probably the point of the fight where Akainu won.
Lol, lesson learned. I just wonder why ppl never walk in during the better parts of anime, why is it always during a moment that's hard to explain. It's not while a heavy story moments going on, or while a kick ass fight scenes's always at something like when Chopper, Brook, and Luffy have chopsticks stuck up their nose while dancing around.

As far as girls and anime, I watch enough of it I'm pretty upfront about it. Figure it's better to be honest about that, rather than it catching them by surprise later in an akward way. Since anime can still be seen as a childish medium here, I usually try to ease others into anime with some of the more mature, or action-story driven ones. I just had bad timing with Film Z, lol.

Oh, and for the reference, it kills me to have to say ppl see it as childish, but many seem to. They see animation, and assume it equals cartoons like Bugs Bunny, or something. Just like with gaming gaining more mainstream appeal, and ppl finally, slowly seeing it as more than just a child's toy. I'm hoping the same happens with anime, and ppl see that it's more than Pokemon, and heavily censored DBZ episodes.

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