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Default Re: What DIDN'T you like about Iron Man 3? *SPOILER ALERT*

Pepper killing Killian. My biggest complaint, as it was something I hated about the first 2 films (Tony not kicking the villain's ass.) And it was done in such a random and over the top manner. Damn near killed the entire film for me until I started thinking about how great the rest of the damn movie is.

Tony having
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the shrapnel removed.
If it was so easy, why didn't he do it sooner? Plus, since it was such a big deal in this film, as much as it was in the first 2, why have the movie end with a focus on that?

War Machine. That was such a nice suit, with toys being made of it everything, and it wasn't even in the movie! Doesn't affect that quality of the film, but I was waiting for it to show up!

If any character has ever earned the right to enjoy a happy retirement, it is Bruce Wayne. Nolan ought to be commended for caring enough about the character and believing enough in his own vision to provide a definitive, satisfying ending to the story of an ordinary man who turned tragedy into the motivation to accomplish something extraordinary.

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