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Default Re: What DIDN'T you like about Iron Man 3? *SPOILER ALERT*

-In general I didn't like how some of the humor was forced into the movie, I understand when Stark does it but when other characters do its just too much. I mean for example Killian can breathe fire but thats never brought back up again. It was done only for a joke for Rhodey.

-Some things I feel that were just a bit too convenient. Tony Stark is being shown completely on edge to the point he creates over 40 suits but he has no defense system for his house? Nothing to tell him he has missiles incoming. Even before the events of TA I would've expected something Then we have JARVIS malfunctioning in a way to take where he is suppose to end up. Also personally I feel that the Iron Patriot shouldn't be so easily used by anyone else, there should be some security measures to keep anyone from just jumping into there.

-I like how the progression of his suits are used but I feel they go a bit overboard with it in some parts. He can call it from hundreds of miles away or that he can completely remote control the thing.



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