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Default Re: Rank the Iron Man movies (IM, IM2, and IM3)

Originally Posted by ShadowBoxer View Post
I confused on how this could be weaker than IM2. When 2 came out it was just like it is people complaining about a weak plot and villian and in 2's case to much Avengers stuff. Vanko was an extremely weak villian and was absent from the screen for a good chunk of the movie or if he was on screen he was in a lab... I mean how could anything be as weak as the final battle in IM2? I am not saying is IM2 horrible ( it's not) but I have a hard to believing 3 is weaker. I think people are just saying that because they are mad about the twist.
Agreed 100%. The only legitimate complaint is the twist. Everything else, not being in the armor enough, the humor etc is just exaggeration. Iron Man 2 had more humor at inappropriate times. Like on the race track where they hit Ivan with the car repeatedly...and yet he's not dead Yeah that wasn't using humor at the expense of the film.

With Iron Man 3 it boils down to whether the twist bothered you or not. I'm a comic fan, a thought it was hilarious. I also didn't spoil it with too much info going in. A lot of people built something in their minds by watching way too many previews then when they see the movie disappointment ensues. If a person goes in open minded I'm confident they'll like the film as most non-comic related reviewers seem to.

It has a great focus on character. Show's Tony at his best. Gives Rhodey something to actually due and a personality this time around (Ceadle was just boring in IM2). Even give Pepper her chance to shine. All around a fantastic trilogy. Best Superhero one thus far.

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