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Default Re: 'X-men: DOFP' Official CAST Thread (announcements and discussion) - Part 1

Originally Posted by Super Jim View Post
This got me thinking...

What if Adan is in the 1970's X-men, not as Sunspot but as Thunderbird. He gets killed which then could cause the BooBoo Warpath some storyline as to why he hates Xavier.

The only problem is the age/years...

If a 20 year old Thunderbird died in 1973, would Warpath be his younger brother, say 20 years old, in 2013 (or sometime around then)? That 30 years apart!

Also I know Adan made that "throw a ball of fire" comment, but maybe (likely) he's clueless about the X-men. That comment from a clueless actor could apply to Sunspot (who doesn't throw balls of fire) or Thunderbird (which is a phoenix, who is reborn from fire)...

But you guys are probably right, he's probably Sunspot...
1:Adan Is working with OT cast.
2:It's doudtful there will be any conflict In future between mutants.It will
likely be mutants VS Sentinles In future.

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