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Default Re: What did you LIKE and ENJOY about Iron Man 3 [SPOILERS]

My list of likes:
Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:

-RDJ (clear enough that RDJ carried the movie on his own?)
-James Badge Dale as Savin, felt he was actually more badass than Killian
-Action scenes, most entertaining and creative use of Iron Man tech I've seen yet from Marvel Studios, and the Extremis soldiers were a nice change of pace for the baddies
-Great pacing, never a slow or dull moment for me
-Overall dialogue was great, I didn't feel like this turned into sketch comedy night, the humor and dialogue felt like a natural progression of their approach in IM, IM2, then Avengers
-Marvel finally nailed a final battle scene worth watching (excluding Avengers), got the real sense Tony was outmatched by Killian and he literally had to run from suit to suit for his life (and to save Pepper, though I'm putting the fact that I never felt she needed saving after being exposed to Extremis in the dislike list on the other thread)

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