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Default Re: What did you LIKE and ENJOY about Iron Man 3 [SPOILERS]

- The Script. Very good. Better than Iron Man's and easily on par with Marvel's The Avengers' if not better. This one felt (more) ambitious, risky, inventive and, dare I say, intelligent.

- RDJ. Easily the best performance in the MCU. And easily the second best performance in a CBM (he still doesn't compete with Ledger's Joker though). He was freaking great and, like Roeper said, not just 'great for a blockbuster movie' but just plain great. A very strong performance of his overall.

- The rest of performances. Very strong too. Kingsley's role deserves more merit than the one its getting, so does Guy Perce's who, despite being a bit typical, was still quite innovative. Paltrow and Chadle were also strong. So were Dale and Hall despite being underused. There's really not a single performance in this movie that I don't consider good, except for maybe the kid's (though he still worked well).

- The visuals. I'm one of those who loved the style put into the final battle. Stark controlling all those suits at once and switching from one to the other was, if not visually ultra-impressive, visually very creative.

- The villain. There you go I said it.

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