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Default Re: What DIDN'T you like about Iron Man 3? *SPOILER ALERT*

Okay, I don't think spoiler tags are necessary (the thread title says "SPOILER ALERT", so someone who doesn't want to be spoiled would be stupid to read this thread)... but just in case:

- the Mandarin twist (a wasted opportunity)
- an simple attack with 3 helicopters is successful... against a (defenseless?) house were a (stupid?) billionaire has several of the most powerful weapons on earth that were good enough to counter alien technology!!!
- pointless Maya Hansen character
- after-credit scene that didn't build up any tension for future movies
- bringing Tony "back to the cave" where he has to work with a box of scraps again... but this time not in Afghanistan, but in Tennessee, and strangely enough Tony isn't able to rely on his vast resources (no suit in the Stark Tower in New York, for example?)... not convincing at all

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