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Default Re: The Batman Reboot Casting Thread - Part 4

Hey everyone, I just joined this forum after reading through a few posts in this thread because I wanted to share my ideas about who should play Batman.

I love the casting of Anson Mount as Batman but I have two choices if the studio wanted someone more well known.

Karl Urban: An amazing actor, his height and build give him the on screen presence to truly make Bats work. His work on Dredd clearly shows that he can be a great Batman and I believe he could also make a great Bruce Wayne.

Michael Fassbender: Not usually known for playing tough brooding guys like Batman but in Prometheus he shows just how versatile an actor he really is so I think he could pull it off. Also he shows in Inglorious Basterds and X-Men First Class that he has the charm to play a great Bruce Wayne. Plus he has that classic Batman chin.

My two cents.

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