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Default Re: Favorite villain of the trilogy?

Man, thats a tough question, its close between Stane and Killian, both offered Tony challenges in different ways, one was of Tonys own making, jilting Killian and making him what he eventually became, Stane was as said a threat from inside Tonys inner circle, who showed that killing the golden boy did not bother him.
Hammer and Vanko could have been better, but lets be honest Iron Man 2 basically was not a complete Iron Man stand alone film, having Blackwidow and Nick Fury took away from developing Hammer and Vanko as real threats, Hammer in the end was a wannabe Tony but sleazier, and Vanko was underused.
Killian basically was Mandarin, yet they never tied him to Raza who was a member of the 10 rings, though they used the 10 rings symbol in IM3, so are we to assume Killian was in charge then using Raza in the first film, we may never know, if he was then who was using who was Killian using Stane or was Stane using the 10 rings to get what they wanted.

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