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Default Re: Favorite villain of the trilogy?

Originally Posted by pr0xyt0xin View Post
Okay... fine I'll retract that. But he remains where he is on my list.

I've also heard the comparison to Edward Nigma from Batman Forever.

Also this is relevant: "For comparison, the Mandarin has appeared in 181 Marvel comics since his creation (Source: Marvel Wikia). Killian has appeared in ... 1 page of 1 issue. Killian's personality was stolen from the Mandarin."

Just disappointing to many.
That's the whole point.

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
Killian *is* The Mandarin. Killian is absolutely nothing like his comic-book counterpart, of course, because his comic-book counterpart was nothing but a dead body who spurred the murder mystery that forms the crux of Ellis' Extremis. So what Black did instead was to create a Mandarin that could actually *work* in the MCU and not be ridiculed by critics and general audiences as Fu Manchu with a brace of magic rings. We've seen comic-book Mandarin onscreen many times before: Lo Pan from Big Trouble In Little China; Ming the Merciless from Flash Gordon; Shiwan Khan in The Shadow; hell, Fu Manchu himself. And a whole host of kung fu movies and anime. We can debate shoulda-coulda-woulda all night long, but it's highly doubtful any version of those characters would have fit into the Iron Man cinematic universe without cries of the series "jumping the shark." What we got was an MCU Mandarin who was a brilliant genius, who had an obsessive and long-seated hatred of the hero, whose machinations and manipulations were fiendishly clever and deceptive, whose persona conveyed wealth and genius and sex appeal and power, and whose superpowers were more than a match for the hero.

Aldrich Killian, the real Mandarin, is the villain Tony Stark has always deserved.


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