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Default Re: What DIDN'T you like about Iron Man 3? *SPOILER ALERT*

Originally Posted by BLACKVULCAN View Post
dude i totally agree! especially that cornball kid stuff!. as for that twist i knew right away that dude was going to be the real bad guy! hell they even told you he was right at the start of the movie! i was throughly disappointed by this flick
Originally Posted by StreetWarrior View Post
Most of the movie felt like a middle finger to the fans of the comic books...

- Mandarin "twist" was terrible. For comparison, the Mandarin has appeared in 181 Marvel comics since his creation (Source: Marvel Wikia). Killian has appeared in ... 1 page of 1 issue. Killian's personality was stolen from the Mandarin.
- The absolute raping of the Mandarin, Tony's arch-nemesis
- The overload on humor/lack of serious. I was rolling my eyes at lame jokes and ruined serious scenes throughout the whole film.
- The lack of screen time for the Iron Man suit(s). This is Iron Man 3, NOT Tony Stark 3.
- Iron Patriot is an awful character. War Machine is so much more deserving of screen time. I love Rhodey but Iron Patriot was cheesy and ultimately worthless.

I hate to be so negative but I've never been more disappointed in a movie in my life. Easily the worst Marvel Studios movie and I've loved everything else (even Iron Man 2 was okay).

Glad to see I wasn't wrong and that only social commentary apologists seem to defend this travesty of a "film".

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