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Default Re: Official Iron Man 3 rate/review thread. - Part 2

Originally Posted by ElMariachi View Post
I doubt it. Changing the Mandarin is small potatoes to the trainwreck that was SM3. Tobey sucked in that movie. Everyone, even detractors, LOVED RDJ.
Mandarin is not the only issue with this film. The acting of the villains was a bright spot, but the utter ridiculousness of the plot. The whole extremis thing, the over the top humor, sountrack was not right, Iron Patriots (ugh) it was a poorly executed film the stuff with Pepper Potts at the end was so bad. Countless things people have mentioned already

You can tell it was not true Jon Favreau film.

Also, I was here when people were praising Catwoman the movie, and X-Men Origins, SM3 (which I liked at the time, but not loved it). Its the same mentality right now.

And I dont want to hear rotten tomatoes has a high rating for this, so does Spiderman 3 and most superhero films nowadays.

I'm not trying to argue with anyone, I simply am stating my opinion and based on trend this film fell short of the hype (not $$ wise) and people will come back down to earth and say. "That film was not a good conclusion to Iron Man"

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