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Default Re: Official Iron Man 3 rate/review thread. - Part 2

Originally Posted by Incredible Hans View Post
It's not only the Mandarin twist.

It's armour parts flying 800 miles in a minute (with no apparent power source), but when forming a complete armour (and now powered by Tony's arc reactor), that armour can't fly.

It's flying armour parts not being able to break through a wooden door, but breaking through everything else.

It's an attack with three helicopters on the house of a billionaire who has several battle armours there, each armour capable of taking out 25 helicopters - and the attack succeeds because the genius billionaire is too stupid to have a simple radar-based defense system after challenging the world's top terrorist.

It's Tony seeing Pepper die, being very shocked and cracking jokes 45 seconds after it.

Should I go on?
-Armor was in bad shape, it's not much of a stretch that the initial flight would burn out the flight power.

-Know what momentum is?

-It's safe to say it was very shortly after the ill-advised TV threat. And Tony had decent control over the situation until the final chopper took him down into the ocean. Releasing all the armors was a last resort.

-This complaint really irks me. That's how Stark is. And frankly, me as well. I watch so many movies irritated at brooding characters who refuse to give levity to their situations, when I have the tendency to inject humor into everything, including tragedy. Stark can understand the absurdity around him and copes with tragedy through humor-- it's a defense mechanism. It's a big part of what's interesting about him. Most people aren't this way, so I guess I can see the confusion/disconnect, but it really connects to me on a personal level. I loved the tone. No one gave a **** that he was cracking wise about shawarma after a good chunk of NYC's population was decimated in Avengers.

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