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Default Re: Official Iron Man 3 rate/review thread. - Part 2

Originally Posted by spider-neil View Post
Oh that one was bad, that one was REALLY REALLY bad.
People have problems with IM2 but nothing in IM2 has anything that approaches that level disregard for a character moment.
Pretty much the whole final battle was a joke.
  1. Tony and Rhodey show up and
  2. Tony's inability to use a gun is played for laughs
  3. Tony makes a joke about how hard it is to hit a bulb from that distance and Rhodey stands up in the middle of getting shot at and shoots a light bulb to show off
  4. Tony asks for Rhodey's ammo even though Rhodey keeps informing him that his ammo wont work with Tony's gun
  5. Tony looks up to check where the bad guys are, but he does it in a split second and then admits that he went way too fast and didnt see anything.
That is just the first like 30 seconds into the final fight and it was like that the whole time. Black turned it into a joke.

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