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Default Re: Official Iron Man 3 rate/review thread. - Part 2

Just got back from seeing it...plenty of spoilers coming...

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:

I was really enjoying the movie, getting lost in the humor and fun action scenes...but then it hit me...this wasn't a superhero movie. I was watching a buddy cop action/comedy with occasional robots. I think it hit me when Iron Man saved the people on the plane and then it turned out that he wasn't even in the suit when it all happened. He seemed to spend more time running around with a handgun than in the Iron Man armor (which was not very durable and seemed to be destroyed by a strong breeze). The fact that Pepper Potts actually defeated the main villain in the end (and War Machine did virtually nothing) didn't help matters.

The twist with The Mandarin did not seem clever at all (and not just because we've seen it before). I was actually really liking the idea that this terrorist leader had a genuine beef with America (I assumed he ran the Ten Rings terrorist group in part 1, though they didn't bother to connect the films in that way). I think that he was on his way to really being the first great villain of the Marvel cinematic universe. It turns out that the villain was just some dude who felt stood up by Tony Stark. I did like that they kind of made a reference to how corporations are pulling the strings and how America and the terrorists we fight are often really just "actors" with the same agenda (even now America is funding radical Muslim terror groups and helping them overthrow countries...I assume that this was a critique of this type of policy). But I don't feel that this was worth ruining The Mandarin. Plus, I just didn't like the character or performance of Guy Pearce.

In the end Iron Man blew up his remaining suits, got his heart problem taken care of...cured Pepper of the illness she only had only just acquired...all seemingly to devote himself to being Tony Stark, even chucking his chest piece into the ocean...and then immediately took it all back and vowed to keep being Iron Man. It felt like it was forced in just to have a happy ending.

Overall, I felt like the movie never took itself, including the threat, very seriously. It felt like a filler issue of a comic, just killing time until Avengers 2.

I know that it doesn't seem like I enjoyed it...but I actually did. It was a very funny Lethal Weapon type film. My problem is that I don't really like those types of movies, but this was a decent riff on that formula.

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