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Default Re: Official Iron Man 3 rate/review thread. - Part 2

Originally Posted by Son of Coul View Post
-It's safe to say it was very shortly after the ill-advised TV threat. And Tony had decent control over the situation until the final chopper took him down into the ocean. Releasing all the armors was a last resort.
No, the point here is...

how could Killian have hoped to get away with that attack? What can three helicopters do against a single Iron Man suit that was good enough to take down alien vehicles and weapons? What if Tony had noticed the attack only three seconds earlier - he would have been in his suit, intercepted the missile and took down the three helicopters within seconds. "The Manadarin" would have been humiliated in public. The only reason why Killians attack succeeded was because he got lucky. Because genius Tony Stark is a careless idiot (and he shouldn't be - even withoug challenging Mandarin, he should have at least a standard defense system). Because of a poor script.

Somewhere on Comic Book Movie someone wrote: When we saw the trailer, we all thought: Awesome! The Mandarin is a genius! What did he do so that he was able to do a sneak attack on Tony's house without Tony noticing it? After seeing the film, that question remained unanswered. "Mandarin" (Killian) did nothing. He just sent three helicopters there without a good plan, hoping that it will succeed. And it succeeded for not other plausible reason than the script writers wanting it to succeed.

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