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Default Re: The Official Batman Forever Thread - Part 2

Gotham Alley.

1. Kilmer's Batman didn't show just one emotion (he did show anger, an example would be the time he yelled at Robin after he saved his behind).

2. Batman Forever isn't the only Batman movie that took liberties, as much as I like Burton's Batman movies they did take liberties and so did Nolan's Batman movies.

One question I would like to ask people in this thread is how much of Batman Forever do you think is serious and campy? Regarding the camp factor, I strongly think that campyness can be discovered in all the Batman movies (unless your definition of camp is different from how it is described in thesaruses and dictionaries). About the nipples on Batman and Robin's suits in Batman Forever, if they seem on the gay side just cause their suits have nipples on them, then wouldn't that mean us guys are too? Just cause we have nipples on us? And to be fair it is obvious what gender Batman and Robin are attracted to in the movie. Btw, about me touching on the nipples on the suits, I only said it in response to those who imo seem to think that Batman and Robin were gayified in Batman Forever for having nipples on their suits.

Batman in BF talked about not killing, yet he caused the death of Two Face. What's up with that? He could have taken him in alive. One more thing, the butt shot of Batman, it's not bad if you take into consideration the fact that there are Batman fan girls.

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