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Default Re: Official Iron Man 3 rate/review thread. - Part 2

I think this was a great Tony Stark film. After getting three outtings prior to this that were in all purposes "Iron Man" outtings it was nice to see a movie done that focused on Tony Stark and brought Tony back to the roots of who he is. After almost dying multiple times and being a part of an alien invasion and realizing he's not the most powerful guy ever like he thought he was, it was good to see how messed up he got over all this. But I loved that IM3 showed his transition from being messed up because of everything that happened to becoming a lot more comfortable with himself and who he is as a hero.

And as far as the whole blowing his suits up and removing his arc reactor(which happens in the comics so why are so many people so surprised over this or at least us comic fans) I think this is a great place for the character because like he said "Clean Slate." Tony's back to his roots, building and innovating not because he's terrified of what's going on around him but because it's what he loves to do and is who he is. They now can continue to take the character any place they want. Also blowing up his suits is a great future plot device because if any pieces of the suit are left and discovered and reversed engineered.... Ezekial Stane anyone???

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