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Default Re: What DIDN'T you like about Iron Man 3? *SPOILER ALERT*

Originally Posted by Superhal25 View Post
How is there going to be an Avengers two when Tony has renounced his chest piece and destroyed all of his suits?
I think there are many clues that Tony is still in a fragile state of mind while Telling Banner the story and doesn't want to tell him/us the whole story...

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:

Tony "fixes" things... is a "mechanic" who possibly advances AIM's idea... takes it out of Pepper, and maybe it fixes her up, he fixes himself, and gets the cardiologist mentioned at the beginning to help him a little. The algorithm Maya and Killian needed from Stark was secretly used by Stark, to perfect Extremis and create himself an Extremis-like suit that goes under the skin and repairs him. Tony Stark is Iron Man...

While the suit was outside of him this movie,... I think maybe we see Tony Stark (possibly Tony Stark director of Shield), with a new suit that is physically within him.

We're left with an understanding that Tony Stark is the suit. It's a part of him. Just like Killian created an artificial image, Tony Stark created his artificial persona. His mask. His super-ego.
Tony Stark is Iron Man, his artificial persona.
And Aldrich Killian is the Mandarin, his artificial persona.
Both are artificial creations, however, both are also extensions of their own minds, and completely representative of another aspect of their brains: the super ego. Therefore they ARE actually those alternate identities. They are inseparable from them, as they created them. They each created their own demons in multiple ways.

I believe Tony is okay with his super ego now, balances it with his Tony Stark personality if you will, but is still being egotistic and defensive throughout the whole movie, repressing things from Banner... Being too egotistical gets his house destroyed but he's angry at the same time and emotion/his state of mind before that comes into play. I think the after credits do give more information on this movie by framing it as simply a story Tony is telling. One that is only being told through Tony's perspective...

The suit's an extension of his mind, he wrapped himself in it like a cocoon, Like it was separate from him. And it stayed separate from him from most of this movie.

When the suit shows up over top of them in bed, Stark says that it's a glitch or something. His unstable subconscious, at that point, may have been controlling the suit...

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