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Default Re: Official Iron Man 3 rate/review thread. - Part 2

"Don't shoot! I don't even want to work here anymore, these guys are weird". ROTFLMAO. I think that line alone was worth the price of admission.

At any rate, I'd give it an 8.5. I thought it possessed a lot of charm/wit and contrary to what previous reviewers have said, balanced well some more serious tones with the comedy you'd expect. The stakes were no doubt very high in this one, at least to me. It just had a whole different vibe and look to it than the previous installments. Definitely beautiful to just sit back and look at. I thought Starks scenes with the kid Harley were fantastic and I really loved the way they integrated Starks post-Avengers anxiety problem. I thought perhaps they'd shoehorn it in during just a single scene, but it was actually a theme throughout most of the movie.

The CGI was as good as it gets, the action was plentiful, and I thought Rhodey was much better in this even though there wasn't much of him in his IP suit. That's actually kind of a good thing though. Killian made a formidable foe, unlike Whiplash and Stane before him. The Avengers references were great. Was curious how they'd go about it.

For a non-comic book fan the plot twist is fine, but if they hadn't gone with that there was potential for Kinglsey's Mandarin to become something really special based on the movie's early goings. For anyone who knows the real Mandarin, this movie craps all over it and I can understand them being pissed though. I felt like the Extremis soldiers suffered the same fate as the Chitauri in The Avengers. They became fight fodder in the movie's 3rd act. Not to mention it was never quite clear what could actually terminate one. Seemed to be inconsistent. I wasn't as wowed by the final showdown as some people on here and felt Pepper's involvement was slightly corny given how all of the sudden she becomes a fighting machine.

At any rate ..... a solid entry in the Phase 2 library. I liked it better than the previous two. For me it captured some of the charm that existed with the action movies of late 80's and early 90's movies, which Shane Black is no stranger to having written for the Lethal Weapon installments. BTW, did anyone notice how much shooting, blood, and death via regular people in this?

In regards to the "SHIELD" topic, I felt like there was a point in the movie where the inherent explanation was acceptable. With Happy in a coma, it made the whole thing very personal and Tony's ego took over, inviting a battle with the Mandarin. Where it gets flimsy is the fact that he gets Rhodey involved. With the time it took to get him on the horn, he could've definitely gotten somebody like Fury and SHIELD. Obviously after what we saw in The Avengers, Stark doesn't trust Fury so maybe that plays a role in it ..... but still it's a shakey subject so far in the post-Avengers world. I mean we know in the movie that SHIELD had Mandarin on the radar based on JARVIS's intercepts.

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