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Default Re: Rank the Iron Man movies (IM, IM2, and IM3)

Iron Man. Out of the three, its the only one where something feels at stake. Tony is genuinely in danger and develops over the course of the film. At the time, the villain was not well liked but has emerged as the best of the trilogy after the villains in 2 and 3 fizzled due to the writers and directors not investing in them. 8/10

Iron Man 3. A fun comedy movie with Downey Jnr's timing impeccable. Great jokes and special effects, if not too heavy throughout. Let down by a moronic twist that will go down as one of the biggest missteps out of all the comicbook films. The worst villains of the Marvel films so far. 6/10

Iron Man 2. Lots of potential but the villain, Whiplash, spends to film sitting around fiddling. Biggest waste of what could have been a great villain. Meanwhile, Tony just bums around for most of the film. Is this the same Tony from Iron Man? 5/10

So far, only the Avengers has really showed the potential for Iron Man as a 'superhero'. But the since the original Iron Man, everyone's been so in love with Downey Jr that they've basically handed over the film to his charisma and have abandoned the story and villains. Watch Iron Man again. It's not set in the same universe as the other films. It's more drama whilst everything else has a serious slant to comedy and fantasy.

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