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Default Re: Official Iron Man 3 rate/review thread. - Part 2

Originally Posted by cherokeesam View Post
Absofrickinlutely right.

That's probably why there's a lot of butthurt fans in here ---- they've just been targeted and insulted. IM3 is a deconstruction of the genre, and it skewers not only Nolan but Whedon as well, but more importantly, it skewers fandom. The point of the movie is that we create our own ideas of what a hero is and what a villain is, and when that conception fails to reflect reality, things fall apart.

This movie is way, way, *way* over a lot of CBM fans' heads. The ones who only wanted to see "Iron Man vs. Mandarin!!! zomg pew-pew socko-blammo" got a cold hard dose of reality poured over their heads. Even Tony Stark did. The difference is, Tony recognized it in the end, and became a more mature and better person because of it. The fanboys are still stuck seething in their impotent rage, blind as ever.

IM3 is the most realistic depiction of a superhero world yet.
I know it kinda pisses me off that. Some fanboys in a blind rage over the mandarin that they let that one aspect make them say the entire movie sucks. Even when the core essenence of the Mandarin is very much intact.

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