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Default Re: Official Iron Man 3 rate/review thread. - Part 2

Originally Posted by divan View Post
In my opinion The Dark Knight Saga is still untouchable in that regard (and Idon't think any CBM ever touches it), but I would say Iron Man 3 is thematically speaking the most well-done CBM if you don't count Nolan's Batman. It's smarter than even the smart CBMs.
The Dark Knight Saga is probably the most realistic depiction of a superhero (in the sense of making things as close to the real world as possible) but I think it also displays the problems of going very far in that direction since I think it's own feel make many of the comic elements seem implausible and out of place. It kind of trips on itself in that regard since if everything is more realistic I'm going to judge the comic elements on a more realistic grade.

Compare that with the first Iron Man, where I'm not at all encouraged to wonder if something works, or makes sense, in reality since Tony starts out making a huge leap in energy technology in a cave using parts from weaponry. Stories are just expected to make sense in their own built up context.

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