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Default Re: Official Iron Man 3 rate/review thread. - Part 2

Originally Posted by The Sage View Post

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
I know I found it pretty strange that SHIELD wasn't there. A threat against of their Avengers members, a threat against the President, and the organization is nowhere to be seen. I understand they wanted the movie to be solely focused on Tony Stark, and if this was standalone Iron Man universe, it would've worked. But from the view of it being part of the MCU, it didn't make sense. There wasn't even a brief mention. This is one of the Catch 22's of having a shared universe.

Though the Banner bit was good.

My cousin had me laughing bring up how the Iron Man armor can take hit from Thor's hammer yet falls to pieces when it hits a piece of construction equipment. But I chalked that up to the new armor having a different density than the previous ones. Nitpicky stuff of course.

I hope they explain that in the TV series.

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