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Default Re: Official rate & review IRON MAN 3 thread!

I fail to see how this is truly some sort of genius deconstruction of the audience and superhero films. That sounds like the rantings of fans who want to attach genius where it doesn't belong just because they liked the movie.

Yes, the movie does make a point about corporations pulling the strings in world events...governments and terrorists being run by the same financiers. In fact, sometimes the troops on the ground (like Iron Patriot or our troops fighting overseas) are just chasing after ghosts, nowhere near the real threat and end up doing more harm than good because of the machinations of their superiors. I think that, politically speaking, it had a lot to say (and sacrificed the character of The Mandarin and didn't do any favors for War Machine to help make it).

However, this is a movie from a guy known for making fun buddy cop action films...and this played out like a fun buddy cop action film. He was doing what he felt comfortable doing, and nothing more. It wasn't addressing what the audience expects from an Iron Man film...because what we all expected was a bunch of funny one-liners and action. We got all of that...except that it didn't feel like Iron Man. I mean...if you're suggesting that the director's point was "ha ha, you expected Iron Man and I gave you Robert Downey Jr running around with a handgun" then that is far from genius, it's just him being a lazy jerk. It is not genius to have action scenes involving "deaths" of major characters that are brushed off with a few jokes in mere seconds, in contrast to how the character has reacted to other deaths and injuries in 3 previous movies (and even earlier in this same film). No, that is a result of a director not being invested in the characters himself, and not caring enough to make the moment have impact for the viewer. Shane Black didn't care about Iron Man as a character, and that does not make him a genius director, unless you're suggesting that Iron Man should not be cared about and it is better to make a movie that mocks the character.

In the end...I got exactly the movie I was expecting...except that the director seemed embarrassed to be making a movie about a guy who wears an armored suit. If he was trying to deconstruct what a hero is, then he failed. I've seen this type of hero many, many times. It's the type of hero I got bored with about 20 years ago.

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