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Default Re: The Natalie Portman/Jane Foster Thread

Originally Posted by InvisibleWoman View Post
Jane shouldn't die. I think that if she is the "human" element of the movie, then make them split for a very "human" reason.

Girls... ever had it where you've really fancied a guy on a really superficial level because he's really hot but then you go out with him and find that despite the hotness and physical attraction, you just don't have that much in common? So you just end up being mates instead?

I know I have.

This needs to happen with Jane and Thor IMO.
Yep, totally agree. This will give us some new type of SH love interest-the one who walk away. And give fans of this pairing some hope for re-uniting in future.
Killing her will be just fridgeing another female character for the sake of male character development thought suffering. And this is horribly unfair rout.

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