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Default Re: The Avengers 2! The Official News and Speculation Thread - Part 2

I would not trust anything from Wardell; other sites have pointed out the inconsistency in his methods and claims. First, why would there be a prison break? Marvel Universe is not structured like Batman: they do not fight common criminals, and the villains that are fought, are either dead or in another dimension.
I doubt the Liberators/Kang angle: there have not been enough villains introduced to make up the Masters of Evil, because of them being dead/in another dimension.

At the time of the film's release, here is a list of what could be culled from:

-The British Actor from IM3
-[Possibly] Kurse
-The Villain Manipulating the Winter Soldier

This is a terrible selection, as more of them are probably going to be dead, and some of them are hypothetical. Introducing 4-6 characters for the Masters of Evil would run contrary to the system that Marvel Studios has been built. Introducing one new villain would be fine, but 3-4 more would be terrible...especially with the cast list of TA2 reaching crazy levels on the protagonist front, to begin with.

And besides, the villain is going to be Thanos: Starlin confirmed that he reached a financial agreement with Marvel to license Thanos for GOTG and TA2. Considering he nearly filed a lawsuit against them for using Thanos in TA2, it seems very unlikely that they will renege on the agreement; or, if they did, that Starlin would keep quiet about it, considering he went public with his frustration with Thanos' usage in the first place.

Besides, introducing Kang in the film would complicate the mythology with time travel and alternate timelines; the mechanisms would have to be introduced in one of the solo films before being utilized in TA2.

Think for instance of the Tesseract:

-while not shown, we see its use in Thor when Odin transports his army to Jotunheim.
-In Captain America, we see it being used as an energy/weapon source, in addition to enabling transportation (relocating the Red Skull.)
-In IM2, Tony figures out how to successfully harness the energy from his father's materials.

Thus, when we arrive in The Avengers, we see that the Tesseract:

-is used as a weapon/energy source (SHIELD)
-enables inter-realm travel (Portal in New York.)

Again, we see that this device - inter dimensional travel - is built up slowly, over films. However, Kang is thrown into the mix, there would be problems, as he sure as hell would not be in Thor, and is unlikely to be in GOTG, with Thanos and the [possibly] the Collector as the main figures in the film.

So, the claims from Wardell are pure rubbish. He's been on called on for trolling before, and will continue to do so, like Jett on his site.

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