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Default Re: What DIDN'T you like about Iron Man 3? *SPOILER ALERT*

Originally Posted by BigThor View Post
1. The fact that pretty much every armor in this film was a prototype.

2. Mark 42 not being "combat ready"

3. Rhodey's part being smaller

4. Too much Tony Stark not enough Iron Man

5. Pepper defeating Killian, which makes the 2nd villain she's defeated for IM.
Arguably those were what made the film work where Iron Man 2 failed. Iron Man was too powerful in the sequel and while that works in an origin story thats supposed to have you feelings as excited as Tony is, it doesn't work well in a full motion picture.

1.Having the series of protypes allowed for errors and unexpected problems to occur, making Tony vulnerable.

2. Depowering him raises tensions and makes stakes higher.

3. Rhodey having a smaller part keeps the story focused and helps too keep from star wars prequel style desensitizing the audience to the suits, keeping them cool and exciting. When you see War Machine or Iron Man on screen you know ****s going down.

4. Having him spend less time in the suit makes it much more rewarding when he finally is Iron Man again. It's part of what made Spider-Man 2 work so well, you spend the movie frustrated that he's not up to full speed then when he finally is it's satisfying instead of expected.

5. This is the only one that Pepper beat, the last one Tony walked her through and allowed himself to potentially be sacrificed inorder to stop. This isn't necessarily a bad thing because there was build up between Killian and Pepper, not to mention it shows how vital she is to Tony.

The only problem I had with the film was how it kind of copped out of the conflict with saving the president or Pepper by having her body just accept the extremis injection with no explanation. Other than that I was never a big Iron Man fan before the films and I wasn't previously invested in the Mandarin so I didn't mind the reveal. I know some have complained about the toilet joke in his reveal but I thought it worked well to contradict the calculating, articulate, and cruel persona he was given in his televised threats. Plus I like the message it sends by making Killian the villain about the true evils in the world just being greedy individuals rather than over the top extremists.

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