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Default Re: The 'The Wolverine' Box Office Prediction Thread

It has poential to reach what Origins did domesticly especilly with 3-d.

I broke down and saw Iron Man 3 and even after that I still don't think It's as good as ome others do but with 3-d It's likely to hit 700 Million Worldwide.Man of steel will be a batman begins style hit although with 3-d that could get up to 250 Million domesticly.

The Wolverine Is going to do well overseas.

Thor Is the question mark.The question Is which one will do better domesticly Thor or the wolverine.Remember Iron Man 1 and 2 did over 300 Million domesticly without 3-d
so It has better chances to go high.Remember Robert DOwney JR Isn't In thor and without him MS films tend to do X-Men business.Still possable that 3-d pushed Thor to 190-200 Million range Domesticly.Don't forget catching fire opens In November and while
Chris Hemsworth Is more known now he still Isn't as big a star as Hugh Jackman.

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