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Default Re: ***Official X4 Campaign*** [JOIN US!]

In a lot of ways DOFP Is X4.You have Xavier,Magneto,wolverine,Storm,Kitty,Iceman,Rogue,
and Colossus back plus In future part of film Bishop,Warpath,Blink and likely SUnspot.

Meanwhile for 1973 part of film you Have Xavier,Magneto,Mystique,and Beast plus most likely Boliver trask.If there are any more mutants added these are going to be cameos
and small roles like Sunspot If he Is indeed character Adan Canto Is playing.

If James Marsden was indeed on DOFP the ending of film could be setting a future film with time travel retconning things from The Last Stand.Hell they might In last shot hint at Apocalypse If Bryan SInger wasn't just messing with some interviewers.

DOFP Is likely the end of first class cast In series.For them to worry about correcting thing from last stand that hints the lan for next film following DOFP would be with original cast.

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