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Default Re: ***Official X4 Campaign*** [JOIN US!]

In North America audences are defently more Intrested In OT cast.Notice how so much attention Is on OT cast and not first Class returnes.Even after Jennifer lawrence's oscar win few people pay attention to fact she Is returnng as mystique.Of course hungar games sequel will get more attention but In articles on her her upcoming smaller films get more attention than fact she Is doing another X-Men film.I just feel all signs point to this being end of first class cast especilly since Bryan SInger dropped all but the big names.

Plus It's fairly obvious that at least 2 and possibly 3 of OT cast members will be traveling back in time.That's the obvious reason why almost all the new cast members are working with OT cast members.Hopefully Fox was smart enough to get sequel clauses In OT cast members when they handled their contracts

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