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Default Bruce/Batman seemed dumber

People seemed to be getting the better of Bruce a lot in this film. He seemed very dopey in my opinion. Since when is Batman like that? That's the complete opposite of what he's supposed to be. Does anyone think it would have been better the other way around? Fans of the character have always wanted Bruce to be more as smart as his comic counterpart and more of a detective. Since Bruce was holed up in his mansion/cave, what else could he have been doing but using his brain? Maybe he should have gotten a few online degrees or something.
Anyway, I would have liked for him to be more brainy, then when he decides to be Batman again he completely underestimates how far his physical prowess has fallen due to his ego, then gets completely demolished by Bane(who's no slouch in the Brains department). He gets put in the pit and trains. Comes back physically fit, but now he's smarter than he was 8 yrs ago. Instead of relying solely on his physicality, he targets Banes mask and beats him. Now at the end of the series we have classic Batman with brains and brawn.
I just think Batman never seemed to evolve that much. Like, his Batman Begins form was his peak and he never developed past that.

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