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Default Re: Why is everyone slamming TDKR?

I think it's stupid to argue which film is ''better'' because Batman fans will say Batman & Iron-man fans will say Iron-man. I only liken them to other Batman films in Nolans series. That's all. Things like how far Bruce has comes since donning the cape & cowel in Batman begins. Has his attitude changed, goals changed, is he doing more harm then good, is his arc complete, is there anymore he can do? I don't judge or have a hissy fit about how much screen time he is in the suit, I judge what he gets done in the suit, he isn't just on the screen in the suit for no reason, he is in it for a reason. If other characters are on screen instead of Bruce/Batman I try and see how they help Bruce's arc like Harvey dent, Blake, Gordon, Young Ra's, Selina etc.

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