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Default Re: Rank the Iron Man movies (IM, IM2, and IM3)

Iron Man 1 - 7/10
I have a few problems with this movie that repeat viewings haven't helped with at all.
Firstly, when he's in the cave, he's being watched with CCTV I imagine pretty much all the time so how does he get away with being able to build the suit and using that huge screen so the camera can't see what he's doing?
Why don't those guards just march in there and demand to know what's behind the screen? Or even have guards in the room he's working in as the missile is clearly so important to the guy in charge?

Secondly, when he gets the suit on in the cave and he's making his way to the entrance after the chaos caused by the door to Stark's room exploding and his partner buying some time by running down the tunnels firing at the guards, do none of the 20? 30? 50? ten rings guys outside the cave pick up an RPG rather than just have machine guns to fire at Stark with? Remember they're surrounded by boxes and boxes of Stark's weapons.

Lastly, I couldn't stand Obadiah Stain. Boring businessman in a suit and the fact he was a friend who betrayed Stark wasn't interesting at all to me. I'm sure he's a good actor but really made this movie very poor for me. The lame fight at the end didn't help either or his stupid voice.

Iron Man 2 - 8/10

Iron Man 3 10/10

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