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Default Re: Why is everyone slamming TDKR?

Originally Posted by JackWhite View Post
I see. Thanks for that little synopsis, Anno. One last question, would you say Tony is in his suit more or less than Bruce was in TDKR?
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About the same really. Tony is in the suit(or, should I say suits as it is plural in the final battle) in three big occasions, much like Bruce as Batman in TDKR. Both are seen as presumed to be dead as well, but the difference is that Tony is in the suit just once before that happens, and Bruce is Batman twice before he's presumed dead.

I will say this, and what's ironic, is IM3 reminds me of TAS-M...both films, I very much enjoyed the first hour, and then after that hour, there's only one specific scene that I really enjoyed. With TAS-M, it's the high school battle and with IM3 it's the final battle. Once Tony leaves Tennessee, it just goes downhill...hated that Mandarin was a cop out and hated that a character in the comics, Aldrich Killian, turns out to be Mandarin. And I think that's my biggest issue. I can look past the idea if they wanted Mandarin to be someone different, but getting Ben Kingsley to portray a doped out decoy while Mandarin is merged with another comics's just such an idiotic move.

Oh, and the final battle is simply amazing...until Killian survives that mini explosion and when Pepper comes out of her own explosion unscathed and takes out Killian herself. Killian should've died from the explosion and Pepper should have died from her fall into the debris and fire. As well as the fact that Tony shouldn't have went all "Clean Slate"(and that's what JARVIS called it ) and destroyed his armors as well as getting rid of the shrap metal(oh, and the surgeon, Dr. Wu, you only see him one other time and that's the very beginning, lol).

Originally Posted by milost View Post
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I thought keeping Dummy was a nice touch. Wasn't that what he built as a kid in Iron Man 1?

I don't think the ending is meant to say he's done being Iron Man or that he won't put on another suit and moving on. I think he simply got rid of his "distractions" for Pepper. It wasn't really necessary to have all those suits that he compulsively built and I think he was saying that the tech and the arc reactor don't make him. I mean he even says at the end, "I'm Iron Man".

He'll don the the suit again.
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Yah, Dummy was used from the beginning when Tony was a kid and then in the last two films as well. I guess him keeping Dummy was a sign that he'll continue on as Iron Man, but the ending was such a weird moment to try and give someone an ending if he's going to show up again.

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