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Default Re: NOW which film is your favourite??

Originally Posted by milost View Post
Who are these phantom posters, where are the posts of hate? I see Anno and Batlobster, stating what they usually state. People bringing up poll results. JackWhite getting excited that this message board poll is close. In other threads I'm seeing people are starting to get nostalgic from the trailers from last year, there are posts of Aaron Eckhart with a funko toy. Where are these haters at? These nitpickers and detractors? "Fighting the good fight?" This isn't a battle or a war, you either like the damn movie or you don't. LOL

You guys that love the film are really sending each other PMs telling each other it's all okay and reassuring each other? What? I don't even. Why all the defense? What's going on here?
You really blew that all out of proportion. Yes, several people have PM'd me over the past few months, and one poster who no longer is posting here used that phrase a tongue in cheek way! It's just another way of saying they enjoyed what I had to say about the film and were glad others were standing up for it because they had gotten burnt out on it, hence why they're no longer posting here. It's nothing at all like that gross caricature you're picturing. And I'm 99% sure that PM'ing has happened on the other side of the fence too. Welcome to forum life.

It's not a war or a battle, but we're all passionate about these movies here. It'd be silly to deny that. Especially you of all people, who entered this forum with guns blazing and a real ax to grind with this movie. Not that there's anything wrong with that at all, don't get me wrong.

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