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Default Re: Sam Raimi's Spider-Man Trilogy vs Christopher Nolan's Batman Trilogy

Originally Posted by Mr. Wooden Alligator View Post
Are you referring to a particular LOTR film or the trilogy as one 9-hour film? I felt ROTK was the most epic of the films for the sense of a bygone age I got when Frodo returned to the Shire. I also feel TDKR is comprable to ROTK, if not a bit better as far as driving home the importance of stopping the Big Bad goes (something I felt Tolkien was weak on in general, but I digress). The scope of the threat in LOTR and ROTK was, however, much greater than TDKR.

So I feel both are epic in their own right, though my preference leans toward TDKR (admittedly, I am not a big LOTR fan in general. Nor am I a big Batman fan beyond the Nolan films and BR).
I was meaning the whole trilogy. It all takes place over just 1 year.

And I don't think Nolan's Batfilms(even the lone good one, BB) even begin to hold a candle to Jackson's LOTR series. But then I'm a big Tolkien fan and Batman has never appealed to me at all.

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