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Default Re: The Iron Man 3 Box Office Prediction Thread - Part 1

Originally Posted by ElMariachi View Post
I'm not sure why. Wouldn't you have wanted to see that sort of power coming from the Rings? I enjoyed seeing Tony face a physical threat for the first time in any of these movies. In the armor, he pretty much can survive anything. With Killian, he couldn't rely on them for protection and had to improvise. I loved seeing him move from suit to suit in desperation.
Considering there are 10 rings with 10 different powers, I'd say the possibilities there for variation and creativity in a fight with Iron Man are immense. But when any of his lava soldiers can rip Iron Man's armor apart like it's no big deal then I gotta say that cheapens the end fight as well. I want Mandarin to be the only one who can really stand up to Iron Man. It makes him more special. But here he's the same as all the rest and yet for some reason he gets extra emphasis even though he's no different than all his soldiers.

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