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Default Re: The Official "I Loved Raimi's Spider-Man' Thread - Part 1 of 99 Luft - Par

Originally Posted by Venom75 View Post
I still feel pissed at certain people about that. I know everyone likes to blame Arad for trying to "force" Venom and the symbiote into the film,but I blame Raimi and to a lesser extent,Topher Grace. I blame Sam for the reasons you mentioned. Plus,there was always that rumor that he intentionally screwed over Venom(and when you watch the movie it does make you wonder),although I don't think that was the case. Still...
And I blame Topher too because here's a guy who claimed he was this huge Venom fan. Yet,when he saw how the film was treating the character why not speak up? Actors give opinions on their characters and motivations all the time. If it were me,I would've went up to Sam or the writers and said,"Um,hey. Venom wouldn't do or say this." I mean,couldn't Sam or the writers figure it out that Venom(at least)refers to himself as "We?" Was that too much to find out or include in the movie??!
I will blame Arad until the end of time. Sure Sam could of made Venom fit in the film better but his hatred of the character is a good reason why there shouldn't of been any Venom in the film in the first place IMO. CURSE YOU AVI ARAD!!!!

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