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Default Re: "I am Doom...What Gods Dare Stand Against Me"---The official Dr. Doom Thread

Originally Posted by Kelly View Post
But, HOW he said those lines could have helped some....the "cheeky" sarcasm just came off bad to me....maybe, and this is just a maybe, we will never know, but maybe had he spit those sarcastic lines out with a growl and disdain? Then I might have given him a thumbs up.

"Let's go for a spin" for instance...he said it with a ha...ha...ha sarcasm and it came off as stupid. Had he said it through clenched teeth and added a...."LET'S GO FOR A .................. SPIN, Mrs. Richards..." Even though they weren't married yet, it would have shown his disdain for her, Reed and what they stand for in a sense. Just something I've thought about after seeing the two movies.
I see your point, I am just not sure how much of that was his call versus the direction he was given, either by Story or the clowns at Fox...

Either way, there is obviously room for a TON of improvement in Dr. Doom whenever we see him on screen again, which I hope will not be in this reboot.

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