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Default Re: The Natalie Portman/Jane Foster Thread

Whats all this so negative mood over here? lol Nobody will die when Thor is around, did you forget that?

Originally Posted by Incredible Hans View Post
Thor and Jane should get married. I'd really like to see this on the big screen:

Polishing his hammer. Maybe he was talking about... something else... errm... Nevermind
Shorter hair??!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! His helmet would simply fall off then! ^_^

Originally Posted by Incredible Hans View Post
No, I just want to see Thor and Jane get married and happy...

Being married to Thor or Jane is not the worst thing.

Being married to Reed Richards is the worst thing.

Back to Thor...
I can't believe this "gentleman" is called actually Mr. Fantastic. lol. This is why I love Thor, he is the last perfect gentleman in this universe. Doing handkisses and making pancakes for his friends ^_^

Another reason why Superman sucks has just been added to the list

Originally Posted by Hawkingbird View Post
I want it to be Queen Sif
Me too Why should Thor not have 2 ladies during 3 movies? With this big hammer he can get any girl

Maybe Jane and him will break up (not saying she'll DIE, wiping her memory would do the job too lol) and he will be with Sif then.

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